iPay Anywhere

Pay anyone, anywhere, anytime.

iPay was created to make payments simple for both the banked and the unbanked.

We provide consumers all over the world with an easy way to pay merchants and enable peer-to-peer transactions on any device.

For Customers

iPay is secure, fast, and convenient. Download the app, complete our registration and verification process and select your payment methods of choice.

Paying your merchant for goods is as easy as selecting the amount, verifying the payment and completing your transaction — it’s as simple as that.

For Merchants

Register to become a merchant and get access to our private merchant app and dashboard.

Once registered onto our network, add your banking details for the provision of electronic transfers through our acquirer and you’ll be ready to accept payments in no time.

For Everyone

✔ Account Transfers
✔ Online Shopping
✔ Debit Cards
✔ Bill Payments
✔ Mobile Top-Up
✔ Loyalty Rewards